Patient Care Kit

In our efforts to provide continuity of care for patients from ICU through discharge and to offer comprehensive support materials for clinicians, Passy Muir® provides a sturdy, resealable Patient Care Kit which includes a Passy Muir® Valve and:

  • Large, durable warning labels to facilitate staff awareness
  • Patient chart label for use in recording patient parameters while using Valve*
  • A 16 page clinician's instruction booklet to provide detailed assessment and placement instructions
  • A patient handbook to assist with patient and family education*
  • A storage container for the Valve
  • The Passy Muir Patient Care Kit is included with U.S. orders of PMV 005, PMV® 007 (Aqua Color™) , PMV 2000 (Clear), PMV® 2001 (Purple Color™), and PMV® 2020 (Clear). International orders have different multilingual packaging, not shown.

*Not included with PMV® 2020 Patient Care Kit.

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