Passy Muir Onsite Inservices

What exactly happens during an on-site visit or inservice?

The visit starts with a presentation on the benefits and application of the Passy Muir® Valve. We review the physiology behind the many clinical benefits of the Passy Muir® Valve, including the positive impact on communication, swallowing, oxygenation, smell and taste, secretion management, decannulation and weaning. Our Clinical Specialists also bring a Ventilator Instruction Teaching and Observation mannequin (also known as VITO) and connect it to one of your facility’s ventilators to demonstrate the principals of in-line valve assessment and application. This hands on and visual demonstration allows us to teach you the simple ventilator adjustments that enable successful ventilator application, including how to augment tidal volume, adjust trigger sensitivity, turn off PEEP, flow or time limit pressure support breaths, and adjust ventilator alarms for safety on your specific ventilator. After the presentation, we offer additional verbal instruction at the bedside of patients appropriate for a Passy Muir® Valve assessment and placement. We have found that this “bedside coaching” has been very helpful for clinicians who are attempting ventilator application for the first time. It has also been very exciting for both patients and staff when hearing the patients’ voice for the first time! Here are a few comments from clinicians who have received an on-site visit and presentation:


It went extremely well and the pulmonologists were extremely enthusiastic regarding getting the PMSV in line with vent earlier in our acute care setting. I think we sparked a huge MD interest to improve on the care we provide, which is fantastic.
We are using the valves extensively… and have had great success using it in-line. In fact, one patient just spoke for the first time in TWO YEARS! The speech therapist and CNAs were actually standing around the patient crying with joy when she successfully spoke. It’s amazing how being able to speak again can make a patient feel more like a person again, and facilitate the weaning process.



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